Do the containers come with lids?
Yes! 1-8 yard containers come with or without depending on your application.

Can I lock my container?
Yes! 1-8 yard containers can be provided with our lock. We will supply you with 2 keys at no charge for the initial lock, upon delivery.

Can I move the container?
Yes! Containers come with casters depending on your specific needs.

Can I place the container in an enclosure?
Yes! However, we recommend you check the dimensions with us. We already service a great many customers in fenced in areas or even underground garages.

Where can i place the container?
Almost anywhere! We do require the container to be placed on a hard level surface.

What can I put in the container?
Solid, non-toxic, non-hazardous materials are only accepted. Liquids and other materials may be disposed of in other ways at an additional fee. We will advise you when you contact us.

Do I even need a container?
No! We offer hand load service. Small or large amounts, we can send out a crew to load whatever you want to get rid of.

Is the company licensed?
Yes! We are fully licensed by the ministry of the environment. We are fully insured & all of our people are whimsi trained and certified and covered by W.S.I.B.

How long have you been in business?
We have been serving the G.T.A. since 1963. Including municipalities large and small customers, a great many customers have been with us from the onset.

How long will I wait to be picked up?
In most cases the same or next day.

Are there any hidden costs or service charges?
No! We will inform you of any extra costs. For the most part, just H.S.T.

What if i require additional service?
No problem! We can help with that, be it a little extra garbage or an extra pick-up, just ask any one of our trained staff, or call us and we will be happy to set up service for you.

Where does the waste go?
We only deal with licensed transfer stations which sort and recycle any useable materials. The rest is shipped to licensed landfills.

What if I need a larger or smaller container?
No problem! Just speak to or trained staff or call us and we will be happy to modify any of our services to meet your needs.

What if I just have a little extra on occasion?
No problem! We can simply pick up the extra and charge your account for the excess amount. This way you don't have to wait for an additional pick-up.